Mental Fitness for Athletes in Sport and Life

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Psychotherapy: Paul provides psychotherapy for all ages using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology.

Sports Consulting: Paul provides mental fitness training for athletes to improve performance in their sport and life. He uses his Warrior Mindset program along with high performance psychology for athletics.

The Mission is the Same for Athletes and Students

Raise Awareness

Your mindset sets the tone for everything in your life, understanding this is the key to improve your life

Practical Tools

Real results require tangible tools, all of our programs are meant to be implemented directly in your life.


The Warrior Mindset Program

This program is designed to help athletes perform at their best. It's a unique mental fitness program to improve your sport and life. Adopt the Warrior Mindset today and crush your goals!


Student Life Skills Program

Help your child learn and apply skills to have emotional wellness and healthy habits. Each Online Program consists of Ready-To-Use Two-Minute Animated Video Lessons with Downloadable Parent Instruction Sheets, Downloadable Worksheets for child to practice the skill.

About Paul Sweetow

Paul Sweetow has spent over 30 years in the helping profession as a psychotherapist. He received his masters degree in social work from The University of Chicago.

Paul is the author of ten books: Student Life Skills, The Socratic Parent, The Heroic Adventures of Miles and Maria Books 1-8.

My Books

Student Life SKills

The Socratic Parent

The heroic Adventures of Miles And Maria